Fine art food photography means taking a fine art approach to shooting and editing food photography. The photography, lighting, composition, and styling create a distinct mood. Food in its natural state – like fruit and vegetables – is inherently photogenic. You can enhance its vivid colors and textures with lighting and simple composition.

For us, food photography is more than a mere representation of the dish. It should spark anticipation and bring the finesse of the dish to the fore. Food photography is one of the most challenging types of photography out there. Like painting, the start is a blank canvas and build up. Layer upon layer,  the photo is constructed until the perfect balance of reality and art is reached.

Dark and Moody Food Photography

A dark approach with food photography adds moodiness. The image gets an artistic feel any feels like a still life painting. The interplay of light and shadow in Vermeer and Rembrandt paintings inspires this art.
The contrast between the shadows and light in an image gives a dramatic mood. The eye is guided to a specific area in the frame. Even though that a dark style is not appropriate for every subject, it can be the perfect style for creating fascinating and enchanting look.

delicious.px for sam – sushi and meat

Food photography for Instagram & Social Media

One key element to successfully present food on Social media is Consistency. This will work on Instagram better than anything else with a few exceptions. Once a strategy is set for an account, a loop should start for each week with a mix of food, back story, and staff feature. Consistency isn’t just about posting one type of thing or using the same aesthetic, it’s about having a stance or overarching perspective about what you post.

Sharing food on social media should set a high focus on empathy – the goal is to create a connection with that specific dish, so the viewer just HAS to go get it or share it. The food should look one step away from eating it — that means caps off bottles, straws in drinks, removed from any packaging, etc. You want someone to picture themselves in that moment. It has to feel REAL.

delicious.px for herzog bar, munich

Action shot in food photography

Action shots are a great way to present food and drinks. They tell a story, they are actionable, they have this human element in them, and they have a distinct and realistic dynamic. Applying the finishing touches to a dish is a moment of peak anticipation. A detailed snap of a delectable sauce being poured over an entrée is a great opportunity to highlight textures and add dimension to the image. An ice cube splashing into a fresh drink, splashing the 

delicious.px for herzog bar, munich

Another great way to get the perfect shot is to add hands in frame. They add a human element to food, which brings food to life in a completely new way. Hands connecting with food make a scene look very natural and the hands almost invite the viewers hands to also interact. It pulls the viewer in and makes him feel like they are here helping, not just observing.

delicious.px for sam – sushi and meat